The Best Winter Cardigan Sweaters for Women

A cardigan sweater is one of those staples that pretty much every lady has in her closet. They come in all shapes and sizes, colors, and prints, but not all cardigans are the same. A few cardigans are better for certain body types, certain seasons, and others are better for specific outfits. It can get a bit of confusing at times, however wearing the best cardigan sweaters for your body type and for your outfit is important. This fashion workhorse can be styled from preppy to edgy with the right accessories.

Here are some distinctive winter cardigan styles, and the proper way of wearing each one:

A Waist-Length Cardigan

The most widely recognized and great style of cardigan sweaters is the waist length cardigan. For these lengths of cardigan sweaters, don’t wear them with long tops. The difference in lengths isn’t complimenting, and creates a weird shape and proportion on your body.

You should, however, wear them with fit and flare style dresses, or high waist skirts. The hem of the long cardigan ought not go more than a few inches past the waist band of your dress or skirt, so keep that in mind when pairing them.

The Oversized Cardigan

The oversized cardigans are great to wear, however, they can be somewhat tricky to style. With all the bulk that an oversized cardigan has, you should not wear baggy or loose fitting bottoms with them. While you’re at it, avoid boyfriend jeans and maxi skirts as well. The wideness on top and bottom will make it appear as though you are fat.

What you should do is wear tight jeans or leggings with an oversized cardigan. Keeping those legs looking as thin as possible in jeans with an oversize cashmere sweater will work best for you.

A Wrap Cardigan

Wrap cardigans have the same basic shape as a lot of the cardigans that were mentioned above. But they are normally more fitted and less bulky. They still have the longer length size though.

Try not to wear it with a short skirt. Despite the fact that it’s not as lengthy as the ones mentioned above, the length creates weird proportions with shorter skirts. Even a knee length skirt is too short to combine with this long cardigan.

Rather, try to wear it with dark pants or jeans to elongate your silhouette and compliment your figure. A long sleeve cashmere cardigan with work best with jeans as well.

The Boyfriend Cardigan

As much as women love wearing boyfriend cardigans, the longer length does not work with short skirts or dresses. The length of this long cardigan can cut off the body right at a nice wide area of the skirt or dress. If you want to wear a cashmere sweater with a skirt, stick to the waist length cardigans, as mentioned previously.

You should wear them with pants or knee length skirts instead. Cardigan sweaters of such length go well with almost anything, as long as your bottoms are fitted and slim.

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