how to choose clothes colors for women?

Clothing yourself perfectly is not as simple as it seems.  Very few of us know that not every dress and every color is made or us. There are certain factors that will tell you about how to choose clothes colors for women, let’s have a glance at some of them;

Factors Affecting the Clothes Color Choice

  • Your skin tone
  • The time of wearing particular clothes
  • Event or occasion
  • Your body shape

We spend much time choosing the style, design, and fabric while shopping for clothes. But unfortunately, give no thought over choosing the color that suits us the best. Honestly speaking sometimes a very elegantly designed dress fails to give us a gorgeous look. This is just because of the color we have selected. So, here we are going to give our readers the best guide about how to choose clothes colors for women?

First, let’s talk about what clothes color goes best with your skin color?

The connection of Clothes Color with your Skin Tone

Complexion plays an important role in selecting the perfect color for your clothes. It needs enough brainstorming to select the optimal color palette that goes perfectly with your skin tone.  The under-mentioned tips will help you to get a little know-how about the effect of different colors on your complexion;

A Quick Color Guide

  • If you have a pale complexion always avoid wearing dark colored clothes like black and white.
  • Women with a medium complexion can choose any kind of shocking and bold colored clothing
  • Dark complexion women need not worry about color selection.  Because white and other pastels colors are just made for them
  • If you are a lady with olive or tan skin color, just go with sharp brown, yellowish orange, red and other deep colors.

Body Type and Clothing Color

There are some specific colored clothes that go perfectly with your body shape.

Body shape gives an idea about how to choose clothes colors for women? It is highly recommended that women with a plum-shaped or a bulky body should prefer to go with dark colored clothes. Dark shades like jet black, maroon, dark blue and dark grey can conceal body irregular shape. While ladies with an extra sleek shape have to wear light colored clothes. As light colors like off-white, light green, sky blue and white can add more body to your slim shape.

Wear Colors according to Event

Everyone knows that black is the perfect color for a night party dress. Dark colored clothes always enhance the glory of your personality and add more value to your attire. Similarly, for a wedding reception, ladies always love to dress up with the elegance of white color. Light colors are much preferred for day functions.


Always keep in mind that there should be no compromise on comfort over the selection of dress. It is never wise to wear any dress just to follow fashion blindly. While choosing clothes colors for women don’t forget to select those that provide extra comfort and ease.


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