High Heels Hack Every Girl Needs to Know

High heels have the ability to make ladies feel confident, sexy and stylish. They can make you look taller, slimmer and even boost your confidence but it comes with a price. From blisters and aching feet to easily soiled suede and apparently unwearable new pair of shoes, we just accept the side effects of wearing stilettos. It’s absolutely worth it (in some cases) despite all the trouble and you don’t need to suffer over style. These amazing heeled boots hacks will lift you off your sore feet and make wearing them seem easy.

Simple Trick to Reduce Pain

Tap your third and fourth toes together to ease the pain from wearing high heel boots. Sounds insane? Science backs it up: there’s a nerve ending between those two toes and it causes pain when weight is put on it (like when you wear high heels). The tapping expels the strain on the nerve.

You may experience sore feet, regardless of whether you buy expensive high heel boots or not.

How to Break in a New Pair of Heels

Quit suffering in your new pair of heeled boots and use this hack. Wear your new shoes in the house with socks, and apply heat with a blow dryer to loosen up tight spots.

How to Clean Dirt off Suede

Suede shoes get filthy so effortlessly. The key to fighting the dirt is in your kitchen, not your cleaning cabinet. Use old crusty bread to clean dirt marks off your suede shoes.

A Blister-aid

Blisters are no match for Band-Aids. Keep them in your bag to stop those painful blisters. The Band-Aid feels like a cushiony pillow keeping your blister from your very gorgeous, but nasty shoes.

The Most Comfortable kind of Heels

Wedge heels have for some time been known as the most comfortable sort of heels, however, there’s another pair of shoes that’s serious competition: heels with straps, ties or buckles. They’ll give additional support to your lower legs and will keep your feet from slipping out.

Heal Sore Feet

We recommend not wearing heels two days consecutively, and taking at least a one-day break in between. Wear some comfortable little black shoes from time to time.

Preventing Corns and Calluses

Prevent corns, blisters and calluses with moleskin, a delicate cotton flannel with adhesive backing that you can put in stilettos. It molds to the shape of your foot, and acts as a protective second skin.

A Trick to make Old Heels look New

In short, the heels of leather, suede or fabric shoes are particularly helpless against scratches and nicks. However, it’s nothing a little glitter can’t settle. And rather than tossing out a damaged pair, cover the heels with glitter and they’ll appear new.

How to Fix Scratches on Leather Shoes?

Make scratches on your leather shoes vanish as if they were never there by rubbing some moisturizer on them.

How to Maximize Comfort

Slip a couple of gel insoles into your high heels to make them more comfortable. It’ll make wearing them much easier.

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