The Best Women’s Running Shoes

Whether you’re simply starting your running journey, or you’re an accomplished runner searching for a new shoe to try out, finding a quality pair of running shoes is the first step to guaranteeing that your future running endeavors will be enjoyable. However, Women’s running shoes are relatively new. It wasn’t that long ago that very little thought was given to the difference between male and female runners and their different needs as athletes.

Overpronation versus underpronation

If you overpronate, your foot tends to roll inward too far as you run, and your body isn’t absorbing shock as effectively. For overpronation, you’ll need a stronger movement control shoe to help correct your foot movement.

If you underpronate, your foot isn’t rolling in far enough, making the outside of it take the brunt of the impact after the initial heel strike. If so, you’ll need a more neutral-cushioned shoe that will encourage a more regular foot movement.

This is one of the most important things to think about when purchasing running shoes. Overpronation or underpronation can cause real damage after some time if it’s not addressed properly.

Different shoes for different types of running

You’ll additionally need to consider the sort of women’s running shoes you’ll be needing. Are you planning on doing a lot of road racing? A lightweight shoe will probably be best. Do you tend to do your long runs on trails? Then you may need brand shoes designed specifically for trail running. A simple structured shoe would be your best option if you’re looking for sports shoes.

In case you’re searching for a simple training shoe for casual running, then durability may not be a big concern. In any case, if you’re the type of runner who lives in their running shoes, finding a high mileage shoe will give you the best quality for your money.

Maximum Support Running Shoes

Maximum support shoes are the most supportive and controlling and they are designed to slow down excessive pronation. Some brand shoes are great for maximum support. Their cushioned midsole is the same as in other shoes of the brand. However, the upper is more structured, with a lightweight fabric that secures your foot. Additionally, there’s extra stability around the heel to help move you forward so you feel incredible during those super-long runs.

Stability Shoes

These shoes offer a decent mix of movement control and cushioning. They are not as substantial and controlling as maximum support running shoes, but still offer excellent support. They are the most popular category of training shoes.

Cushioned shoes

Cushioned women’s running shoes have no movement control features and are lighter. These shoes encourage faster movement and feel softer under-foot. This shoe is great for neutral foot types. What you need are brand shoes that are specifically made for this purpose.

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